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Avoid food confusion and get to know each other by doing the groceries together every week, or set aside an hour every week to tidy up together. Make a note to grab a drink every now and then - getting to know each other away from home can dissolve some house-related tension. To keep the house homey and clean with minimal effort, employ a few household hacks that will make everyone's lives easier and chores more likely to get done. It's cheap and requires only a small amount per use. If you have some flat Coke lying around from last weekend's party, use it to clean toilets, windows, remove stains, and more. A few teaspoons of vanilla extract in the oven will eliminate odours throughout the house.

What do you share besides your kitchen and bathroom?

In addition to supplying geopolitical analysis to everyone from the Pentagon to the United Nations, the firm provided customized security services for leading companies like Raytheon and Dow Chemical, often compiling dossiers on activists and others viewed as threats to corporate profits.The best bet is always to leave your housemate's possessions alone. Bi-weekly cleanings in London can cost between £44-60 per month, and if everyone chips in, it's a worthy stress-reliever! If you eat a handful of crisps they offer you, don't sweat it, but if you've secretly used half of their body wash but didn't technically finish it... Use a wheel or card system, or log responsibilities into a shared calendar to keep things fair and on track. Instead of using a rota to assign different tasks every day/week/month, assign every housemate specific tasks or areas that they are always responsible for.Shtick: Just like Tinder, but women have to send the first message after matching More than 1 million users / Over 90% of female users with matches initiated chat / 700,000 matches per day Bumble is the creation of Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, who left that company amid a storm of allegations of sexism against her former co-workers.Her latest development is a pioneer of the ‘female-friendly’ dating app, requiring women to send the first message after the two of you match with each other – though they only get 24 hours to do so to encourage them to be proactive.On an unseasonably cold Saturday afternoon in March 2012, Jeremy Hammond, one of the most destructive hackers in American history, logged into his computer in his squalid Chicago duplex for the second-to-last time.


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