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advertises a variety of products nationwide but drew fire amid a Congressional investigation earlier this year and court complaints last year regarding the site’s sexually-themed dating ads, which officials have claimed support child sex trafficking.

Backpage executives denied claims they were supporting illegal activity but shuttered the “adult” portion of the website in January while complaining that their Constitutional speech rights were being violated.

It appears the section has since been reestablished, and includes a disclaimer stating that “this section contains sexual content, including pictorial nudity and adult language” that should only be accessed by people 18 or older who live in a community that hasn’t declared such explicit materials illegal.

According to the court report, one of the federal agents investigated the “discreet fun” ad by text messaging the owner of the ad, who was later alleged to be Hummel.

A wide variety of live drum circle jams, or my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD for - Just search on the title, or the link: It's also available on Amazon and Ebay for a few dollars more. For the last 7 years, we have met at Media Park, in downtown Culver City, on the last Saturday of every month. Huntington Beach Drum Circle - Sunday pm - till' sundown North side of Huntington Beach Pier, near the Concrete Steps Open freestyle drum circle for over 20 years.

Digital download of my book, or Rhythms DVD on Amazon is . See us at: Free, open, inclusive and welcoming, this facilitated circle is musical and connecting. Huntington Beach CA Saturday 11am Drum Circle Huntington Central Park Huntington Beach, CA Drum Circle San Fernando Valley, CA Contact Jennifer or Rich at 818-893-8337 or email deirfamily(at)North Hollywood Drum Circle Wednesdays, at Remo RMC Recreational Music Center.

Drum Jam or Rhythms Mp3s on i Tunes Or, if not on i Tunes, Amazon, or click the link CD Baby Drum Circle Music Artist Page My 300 page drum circle book is . Read the first few chapters free with the look inside feature. 7308 Coldwater Canyon, North Hollywood, CA weekly Free Community Drum Circles at our center from 7pm to pm.

Drum Circle Book on Amazon (Try out a few drum circle rhythms from my DVD / Instant Video with the You Tube sample video at the bottom of the page. Los Angeles, CA 90042 Culver City - Inglewood - Motherland Music Drum Circle. All levels are welcome and we provide the drums & percussion.

Taylor John Hummel, 22, made his initial appearance in 5th District Court on Friday on charges of conspiracy to rape a child and sexual solicitation.

****** Listen, which one of you guys irked Mother Nature and prompted her to whiz on our eclipse fun? Among the cities in the path of totality is Hot Springs, Ark. ****** Your Landmark news team enjoyed two minutes of viewing the partial eclipse from Platte Ridge Park before heavy clouds and off-and-on light rain drops ruined the view. The way the dark-as-midnight skies rolled in shortly after 1 p.m., stayed for two minutes and then were gone was a memorable experience, and not just because Chris Kamler had cranked up the music from the open tailgate of his SUV and was singing along with Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. In fact I went Facebook Live with it, only to have Facebook quickly remove the video. For the five or 10 humans who still don’t use Facebook, the videos will be copied over to my You Tube channel for viewing there.

They said it was because there was licensed music playing in the background. Which brings us to our next project: Landmark Live. ****** Though we’ll have local public figures willing to submit themselves to a live line of questioning from Ivan Foley (that’s me speaking in the third person again), Landmark Live isn’t designed to be hard news. If you think I’m in the mood for serious talk after the paper is out then you haven’t been paying attention.

(Please none with fees of over ) You can also add one time drumming events at the Face Book page at the bottom.

Most of these drum circles are well established, but new ones are constantly being added to the page, and some unfortunately come to an end.


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